These are the first BADCP articles. We put in some work here and there when everyone wasn't so busy, and covered content that is definately worth a look because some was written before and after Sega's console development era, and Microsoft hadn't released the Xbox, yet. That, the GameCube, GameBoy Advance, and the announcement of a GameCube Capcom VS SNK 2. Aboard this ship of doom was the first line-up of BAD, Headquarters, CMoon, Dex, and OkonomiyakiIchiban. The content has remained mostly unchanged from the site's original form. However, minor enhancements were made to the design in re-mastering.

"Light this fire, and never look back, ashes to ashes, dust to dust."


Written By: BAD  9/30/00
Vomit-Inducing Reviews And Magazines  
Written By: BAD  10/1/00
An Industry At The Mercy Of The Inevitable
Written By: BAD 1/8/01
Killing Chickens Before They Hatch
Written By: BAD 2/11/01
The Gameboy Advance Is On-Time
Written By: BAD 7/24/01
Lost Hopes, Lost Opportunities To Create Great Things
Written By: BAD 7/27/01
GameCube Hysteria
Written By: BAD 7/29/01
What Has Gaming Become?
Written By: Headquarters 7/30/01
Throwdown At The Bro-Down
Written By: BAD 8/1/01
The End Of An Era?
Written By: BAD 11/14/01
Zero Gunner 2 Is Goods
Written By: BAD 11/20/01
Belger's Minions Are Back
Written By: BAD 11/21/01
A Rotting Corpse
Written By: BAD 12/2/01
The PS2 vs XBox Battle
Written By: Dex 12/5/01
The Saturn: It's Big, It's Black, It's Better Than The X-Box
Written By: CMoon 12/9/01
Headquarters' Greatest Games You've Never Played But Should If You Only Knew About Them
Written By: Headquarters 12/12/01
Guilty Gear X: Stupid Fans Do Not Make A Game Great
Written By: CMoon 12/14/01
Do Me Proper
Written By: BAD 12/28/01
A Young Person's Guide To Shmups On The DreamCast
Written By: CMoon 1/4/02
Shiga Naoya
Written By: BAD 1/6/02
Guilty Gear X. May Anime Live Forever.
Written By: OkonomiyakiIchiban 12/28/01
Kitagawa Utamaro
Written By: BAD 1/24/02
Written By: BAD 2/2/02
Fuyu Yasumi
Written By: BAD 3/26/02