These are links that were significant to the site content (directly and indirectly). If you don't already know them, you'll want to look at them to understand what is going on in our writing. Back then, links sections were common; our previous site BCP had one, and a lot of other sites of the time did, too. It was cool back then looking and finding other cool sites through the links sections of your favorite sites. Our links section doubled as a credits and thanks section (both of which would become individual sections in later versions of BADCP).



Capcom develops the best videogames on the planet. Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, Megaman, and the list goes out the door and into the parking lot.


Madman's Cafe

This site is chock full of news straight from Nippon.



Site of the deftones, a hard band from Sacto.



Still Loves You Even If Nobody Else Ever Will


Victory Records

Hardcore home of bands like Buried Alive, Earth Crisis, Darkest Hour, SHUTDOWN, and Thursday.


Equal Vision

If you don't like any of the great bands they have on their site, the least you could do is get a free e-mail account from them...


Indecision Records

Base for some of the best hardcore around, like Adamantium and Throwdown.


Most Precious Blood

Indecision is gone, but will never be forgotten.....



Though I have an eBay buying habit not even a prevention program could cure, eBay is, religiously speaking, a "Godsend."


Shmups mk2

What's a shmup? Well, you better click the link and see (no, it's not a creative name for a porno site).



The best site on the massive, information-filled, porn-ridden operation we affectionately refer to as 'the Internet.'

Special Thanks go to Mom and the rest of my family for their support; the support is everything to me. Sincere, special thanks go to Mariko and Erik.

Thanks also go out to those who have supported me in the past: Dave H, Dave A, and Chris. Francisco, where are you, man? Devin and Andre, for putting up with all the complicated shit that is my life and personality. Harris in Boulder, sorry I don't see you much, but you live so far away! Yimkit; thank you so much for everything you have provided and helped me out with (with great people like you, the world is a more interesting place to observe); Your generosity is highly appreciated. Mike K. for playing SF with me. Tigs; for breaking off a piece. Jemma; your inspiration will always live in my heart, and I hope only the best for you. Steve Brown; the things you told me were right, and your teaching is great. Professor Smith, (is my writing really that good?) thank you for the encouragement and understanding. Thanks also go to everyone who has helped me out over time; I appreciate everything.

Inspirational thanks go to the following exceptional bands: Buried Alive (good luck to everyone in the band), The Hope Conspiracy, Adamantium, Throwdown, Drowningman, SHUTDOWN, Indecision (rest in peace), Candiria, Straight Faced, Union 13, and GlassJaw.

No thanks to: The media; all the motherfuckers of the media aren't even worth their weight in shit, and provide nothing but useless bullshit at the very low price of making me fucking sick.  Kid Rock, you are a bastard and the most ignorant of the asshole legion on MTV (yes, even fat Durst has a more interesting 'personality' than your bitch-ass). Limp Bizkit, so how does it feel to be second in command of all the ridiculous, idiotic, bullshit trends can offer? You light-rock, over-paid jerks. It's bands like yours that overshadow bands with REAL talent and intent. Then again, I'm glad, because I wouldn't want your bullshit fan base listening to the great bands I've witnessed.

Also, mad no thanks go to the assholes who nearly got me killed; I will always hate you motherfuckers for everything you did and 'stand' for, and someday your karma will catch up with you. With people like you, our society will continue to deteriorate, spiraling out of control, sending what was left of a 'society' into a wasteland of obliterated ambitions and dreams. People like you back-stabbing rats make me fucking sick. Human life should be respected, and understood, not considered as a egotistical value or profitable means of living.